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Brooklyn, NY — March 16, 2011
CCC 's Elizabeth Eames Joins BGLC Partners

Elizabeth Eames, owner of Contemporary Communications Consulting joins BGLC Partners, a newly
launched marketing, admissions and retention consulting firm that works with schools from pre-
schools to colleges and universities to create a “culture of enrollment” to ensure healthy growth, build
on successes and create lasting legacies of excellence.

Elizabeth, who will remain owner and operator of
Contemporary Communications Consulting, will bring
expertise in marketing, communications and admissions to BGLC Partners.

The company name, which stands for Build, Grow, Lead, reminds the consultants in the partnership
and their clients that the purpose of education and professional services for the education sector, is
to build strong schools and strong communities for the future.  BGLC Partners works directly with
stakeholders in schools of all sizes to do just that through professional admissions, retention and
marketing services.

The partners at BGLC are committed to excellence, opportunity and achievement.  Charles J. Eames,
managing partner of BGLC Partners, has worked in education in a variety of capacities for over 30
years, as a teacher, administrator, principal and fundraiser at the university, high school, middle and
elementary levels.  His passion for promoting education is underscored by professional experience in
the fields finance and corporate and individual sales and marketing.

BGLC Partner, Elizabeth Eames, owner of the Brooklyn, New York-based Contemporary
Communications Consulting, brings expertise in marketing and communications in the corporate,
education and non-profit sectors to BGLC Partners.  She has been a member of the National
Association of College Admissions Counselors, the New York Association of College Admissions
Counselors and the Public Relations Society of America.

For more information about BGLC Partners, contact Elizabeth Eames:  Visit
BGLC Partners online at to learn more and to subscribe to the BGLC Partners

@BGLCPartners on Twitter.
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